About Us

Hi, everyone! Welcome to our store. We decided to build this business when our mom created a product to help my sister from eczema. We noticed she had relieve from dry and itchy skin. That is when we started to create products that are designed for all skin types and to include many natural ingredients so in return it can nourish and feed you skin. We offer soaps, massaging candles, body butter, bath salts, bath truffles to bath bombs. We’ve even extended to 100% soy candles and 100% soy wax melt/tarts.

We lean to more eco-friendly and sustainable products. The fragrances we use contain NO phthalate. Our soaps are handmade and hand cut therefore, no two others are alike. We try our best to use as much as natural ingredients such as herbs, botanicals, mica and clays.

The best part of it all, we have free shipping on our products!  Have a fragrance you like for us to carry? Send us a message.
Meet our creators
Kayla is our Soap Master. She creates all cold and hot process soaps. She’s our go to person.

Adriana enjoys calculating how much of what is needed to create anything from scrubs to candles.

Isabella creates the body butter, bath truffles and is our best sales person.

Alejandro loves creating our melt and pour soaps, smelly beads and inhalers.

Our parents (Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz) are our encouraging soul builder and makes sure we are handling everything safely and accurate.